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Brain Injuries

Brain injuries happen by the thousands in the United States every year. Many people who suffer brain injuries become permanently disabled. The disabilities could be physical, cognitive, behavioral, and/or emotional in nature. The fortunate victims who survive brain injury and are not permanently disabled often require five to ten years of rehabilitation before they can lead normal lives again.

After a brain injury, the brain simply cannot function as it did before the injury. The nerves and neurons may not be able to deliver messages, leaving speech, body movements, and other mental processes compromised. One type of brain injury that can have permanent and devastating effects is a traumatic brain injury.

There are many causes of traumatic brain injuries, however, the most common causes are from an external blow to the head with some type of force. This is typical in automobile wrecks. For example a person may strike their head violently on the inside of a car. Another circumstance involving a car wreck where someone can suffer a traumatic brain injury is due to a sudden decrease in speed. This can cause a person to snap their head back violently causing injury to the brain.

It is often readily apparent when someone has suffered a brain injury. However, sometimes the brain injury may appear initially mild, only to become more significant over time. This is why it is so important to seek legal help immediately. Often times, while the injury seems minor, people will accept small settlements from insurance companies. If this happens the amount of compensation will not be enough to cover future medical costs and long term care. The law firm of Tidwell Strimban has handled many brain injury cases with great results. We will guide you through the complicated legal process, making sure you obtain all the compensation you are entitled under the law to protect your future medical needs.

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