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Minor Child’s Injured Hand Results In $100,000.00 Settlement

18 month-old child under the supervision of a hired care-taker severed tendons in his small finger when left unattended in a room…

A young child, only 18 months old at the time, was left unattended for a period of time in a room with dangerous objects within his reach.  While alone, the young child took hold of a picture frame and got his pinky finger caught between the glass and the frame, resulting in a severe laceration to his finger that was later determined to have severed two tendons.  The young child underwent surgery in an effort to repair the severed tendons.  The surgeon was able to restore one of the two severed tendons, allowing the young child to regain some use of his finger.

After the insurance company initially refused to pay an amount that would even cover the young child’s medical bills, the matter was placed into suit.  Attorney Robert Tidwell effectively kept pressure on the insurance company utilizing various procedural tools that he learned during his 8 years of working as a trial attorney for two of the largest insurance companies in the United States.  Shortly after filing the law suit, the insurance company agreed to pay the entire policy limit to settle the matter, $100,000.00.   The young child’s health insurance company bombarded his parents with daily letters claiming to have a right to be reimbursed out of the proceeds of the law suit.  Mr. Tidwell was able to convince the health insurer that, under Georgia law, they were not entitled to any of the proceeds of the settlement and the health insurer backed down, allowing the parents to retain the entirety of the settlement to use for the young child’s future.

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