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DUI Car Wreck Settles For $900,000.00

A family of four struck head-on by a drunk driver reached a settlement early during the litigation process…

While driving home on a Sunday afternoon, a family of four was struck head-on by a drunk driver in Cherokee County, Georgia.  This was a high-speed automobile collision and all four of the family members suffered personal injuries.  The most severe of the personal injuries required a young, 28 year-old, mother to undergo a lumbar fusion surgery to repair a vertebral disc that was torn as a result of the collision.  The surgery was a huge success that brought the client much relief from the back pain and leg pain caused by the collision.

Attorney Robert Tidwell of The Tidwell Firm, LLC worked with the family as they recovered from their injuries.  Mr. Tidwell was able to assist the clients with making sure their medical expenses were paid by the family’s health and automobile insurance policies, preventing the hospital from filing and enforcing liens on the case.  Mr. Tidwell was also able to work with the Cherokee County Solicitor General’s office during the criminal prosecution of the drunk driver who caused this collision.  After the DUI driver was found guilty in the criminal case, Mr. Tidwell negotiated this settlement with the drunk driver’s insurance company.

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