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59 Year-Old Man Injured In T-Bone Car Wreck Settles For $220,000.00

A 59 year old man with significant arthritis in his neck prior to the collision obtained a $220,000.00 settlement prior to filing suit…

A 59 year old man with a history of arthritis in his neck and lower back was involved in a T-bone car wreck in Marietta, Georgia. The driver of the other car ran a red light and struck the client’s pickup truck on the driver’s side door at a high rate of speed. The client chose not to go the emergency room out of fear that he could not afford the ambulance ride or the treatment that he would have received in the ER. Further complicating this case was the fact that the client was involved in a significant rear-end collision, resulting in injuries to his lower back, just one year earlier. In fact, the client was on his way home from a doctor who was treating his lower back injuries when this wreck occurred.

Despite the client’s financial situation, he was able to obtain the treatment he needed for his neck pain under an agreement that his doctors would be paid after the case was resolved. Eventually, the client underwent a surgery known as a 3-level cervical diskectomy and fusion. Essentially, the three vertebral discs in his neck that were injured in the wreck, and were “pinching” the nerves that run from your spinal cord through your arms and into your hands, were removed and replaced with synthetic disks that allowed the nerve roots enough space to pass through without pain. The surgery was a huge success, alleviating all of the neck pain and the numbness he had experienced in his arms and hands. At the end of the day, this client was able to fully recover from his neck injury even though he did not have medical insurance to cover the costs of his treatment.

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